Help save the children from abusive homes and schooling, bring the people who control this before the courts to face the punishment they so much deserve.


WWASP Diaries


Informative survivor blog including journal entries, detailed information about WWASP and other specialty programs for troubled teens, and documents of abuse and neglect.  Great resource to share stories and get involved!

Radio show about the ‘troubled teen’ industry tonight (3/10)! Featuring a discussion on Dr. Drew & his referrals to Diamond Ranch Academy, Cash for Kids, plus a strong activist you gotta hear!

Ricky Linder hosts another strong show on the troubled teen industry. He will discuss Diamond Ranch Academy, Dr. Drew, Cash for Kids, and an amazing advocate, Angelique Rochelle, will come on to discuss how to move forward.

Sat, Mar 10th at 10pm ET, 7pm PT

Listen & chat here:

Or listen on your smartphone:

Don’t miss this powerful show, and if you do, the mp3 will be circulating ASAP!

Thank you to and Kevin Allan for their ongoing donation of weekly airtime to OpLiberation & providing mp3’s of shows.

Upcoming radio shows about institutional brainwashing on ‘troubled’ teens and children

It’s happening! SPREAD THE WORD! Marcus Morton Chatfield V presents a four-part show on brainwashing and the use of coercive thought reform by the troubled teen industry. Check out the video for more info:

Marcus is incredibly knowledgeable and this is sure to be an exciting series.

The dates/times are:

Tues, Feb 2, 12-2pm

Mon, Feb 6, 5-7pm

Mon, Feb 13, 5-7pm

Mon, Feb 20, 5-7pm

You can listen in on (the site has not launched yet, it’s coming)

Thank you Kevin M. Allan, Human Being Broadcasting and OpLiberation for making this happen!

Nationwide radio show exposing the troubled teen industry TONIGHT!

Mark Levine is hosting another radio show dedicated to survivors of institutional abuse tonight, 7-10pm ET (6-9 pm CT, 5-8 pm MT, 4-7 pm PT).

Listen live on; if you have trouble there, try

The show will be permanently housed here:


888-488-MARK or


Please spread the word!


Tips from Mark Levine:

Survivors of CURRENTLY EXISTING programs will be given preference when calling in.

The trick to getting on the air is to call in early in the show and to be willing to be on hold for a long time until I finally get to you. (You hear the show in the telephone while you’re on hold.)


Mark is a fantastic host, he has been incredibly kind and supportive. If you missed his past shows on this subject, here they are:

What’s Worse than Teen-Age Drug Abuse? Drug Programs Abusing Teenagers
September 15, 2011 (Part One)

Abuse of Teenagers in Drug Programs
September 16, 2011 (Part Two)

This Bush Crony Has Blood on His Hands!
November 10, 2005 (Part One)

The Bush Crony Who Tortured American Teens
November 13, 2005 (Part Two)

Tonight’s coast-to-coast radio show about the ‘troubled teen’ industry has been rescheduled to Jan 13

From Mark Levine (the original post with info on how to listen online is here:

To the entire “survivor of abuse at teen-residential-centers” community:

I have decided to postpone my show, originally scheduled for December 29, two more weeks to Friday January 13, 2012, 7-10 pm ET.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused and I realize folks will have to send corrections to their lists. The reason is simple: the week between Xmas and New Year’s is a bad time to try to get guests to speak on air (particularly those I want to get — current teens who are in, or just out of, these programs). I think I will get a better cross-section of participants and listeners if I put off the show for two months. I will do it then. Thank you everyone for understanding.

For those that are superstitious, Friday the 13th will be a day to remember all the lives that have been forever marred (or even lost!) by these abusive centers. For those that believe that good fortune can stem from adversity, Friday the 13th will be an easy day to remember and pass on the word so that we have a big audience for the show.

Radio show exposing the horrors of the ‘troubled teen’ industry, Thurs 12/29, 7 -10pm ET

Mark Levine of Inside Scoop is hosting another coast-to-coast radio show to give survivors of abusive teen residential facilities the opportunity to speak out! You can listen live on, and it will be permanently housed here:, and it will be permanently housed here:

Call in #’s:
888-488-MARK (6275)
888-6LESLIE (653-7543)
They will also be posted on his website at the time of the show.

Please spread the word!

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