Help save the children from abusive homes and schooling, bring the people who control this before the courts to face the punishment they so much deserve.


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Tonight I watched a documentary that made me realize I have spent far too long being far too quiet about something very serious. Something I could be speaking out about and helping other people who are going through it right now. For too long I have been ashamed to admit that when I was 13 years…

#OpLiberation TONIGHT! An in-depth look at the major players in the teen modification (torture) industry

Host Ricky Linder takes an in depth look at the major players in the teen modification (torture) industry: who funds it, where they are and who are they effecting. Ricky is extremely knowledgeable about the troubled teen industry, he is a strong voice and extremely well-spoken.

Sat, Feb 25th at 10pm Eastern Time

Listen & chat here: – join us for chat! There are awesome people and great conversation, I’ve found a lot of useful info from hanging there! You can register, make a temporary name, or stay anonymous.

Or listen on your smartphone:

Don’t miss this powerful show, and if you do, the mp3 will be circulating ASAP!

Thank you to and Kevin Allan for their ongoing donation of weekly airtime to OpLiberation & providing mp3’s of shows.

Nationwide radio show exposing the troubled teen industry TONIGHT!

Mark Levine is hosting another radio show dedicated to survivors of institutional abuse tonight, 7-10pm ET (6-9 pm CT, 5-8 pm MT, 4-7 pm PT).

Listen live on; if you have trouble there, try

The show will be permanently housed here:


888-488-MARK or


Please spread the word!


Tips from Mark Levine:

Survivors of CURRENTLY EXISTING programs will be given preference when calling in.

The trick to getting on the air is to call in early in the show and to be willing to be on hold for a long time until I finally get to you. (You hear the show in the telephone while you’re on hold.)


Mark is a fantastic host, he has been incredibly kind and supportive. If you missed his past shows on this subject, here they are:

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November 13, 2005 (Part Two)