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Heartbreaking account of a 12 year old’s experience at Heritage School in Provo, Utah

I was never there for any mental illness’s, anger, nor drugs. But was just sent there cause of my bad school grades and ditching school, and had the same experience. I was 12 years old, My first day, I arrived in the waiting room at the admin office with my mom, suddenly a woman walked in and said “ready?” I looked at my mom like, “oh are you ready mom, Are we doing a tour or something?”. Then the lady says, “nope, Time to go”. And I tried to give my mom a hug, and she grabbed me around the neck and pulled me back, then 3 other people walked in and grabbed my arms a legs and carried me out, dragged me across the campus and underground into the ISU unit. It literally just happened like that, Just arrived, hadn’t even got my suitcase out of the car, and this bitch walks in and doesn’t even let me hug my mom, ask me my name, introduce herself, or nothing.

I was locked in the ISU unit in a rubber walled empty room all day long my entire stay. Because I didn’t want to be there so I refused to do a blood test as part of their medical exam cause I hate needles, I’ve always passed out from them. So they kept me down there, and then when they threatened to bring in people to restrain me and put me to sleep to take my blood, I finally did it. But then after that I was supposed to have my freedom, and go to the main normal units with other kids but instead they said I had to start take depression meds for who knows why, and I refused, so they locked me in ISU again, and then right when they were going to begin to restrain me to give me the meds starting the next week, my parents took me out of the place and moved me to a bordering school. The entire stay there they refused me any phone calls and illegally were not sending out my letters in the mail that I wrote.

…Also one of the weirdest parts is, they came up with this theory that I was trying to lose weight because I was doing push ups in the ISU cell room during the day, which was only because there was nothing to do, so I would work out. As if me being a skinny little 12 year old was trying to lose weight, it was ridiculous… So because of that they had put me on a time limit to use the bathroom because they thought I would do push ups in the bathroom (I know how crazy does that sound). So I had 45 seconds to use the bathroom, therefore I was always constipated cause I never had enough time to go, as embarrassing as it is to say….

Just a brief summary but yeah…It was all very fucked up.