Help save the children from abusive homes and schooling, bring the people who control this before the courts to face the punishment they so much deserve.


The world of Joachim Knudtson: Just the latest case of abuse


A staff member at the former residential treatment center known as Gøge-reden (Cuckoo’s Nest) forced a 15 year old girl to engage in some kind of sexual act.

For this crime he received 60 days in prison! 60 days.

Of course he also can no longer work as caretaker for minors and he got a fine of…

Heartbreaking submission from a survivor of teen torture

I’m really glad I found this movement and blog. I’m the victim of institutional abuse and medical malpractice that went on since I was about fifteen until just recently - I’m now nineteen years old. I have Medicaid and my HMO only allowed me to attend one hospital for in-patient psychiatric care - St. Clare’s Behavioral Health, Boonton, NJ. My outpatient facility was at the same hospital’s Denville, NJ campus.

I was misdiagnosed as bipolar for what I think is the purpose of gathering more fee from my insurance company. I have major depression and Borderline Personality Disorder, but I was forced onto several heavy duty mood stabilizers despite never having any manic or hypomanic behavior. When I was fifteen years old, I was prescribed Lithium, which was raised to 1500mg, enough to take down a 300 pound man with manic psychosis, by the time I was seventeen. I had no emotions and I believe I have permanent neurological damage from lithium therapy. The doctor who persistently kept me on lithium while inpatient insisted I would have to be on lithium for the rest of my life. A quick google search of his name resulted in a report that he has a history of medical malpractice.

I have had adverse reactions to every single mood stabilizer I’ve been put on. I got the rare rash on Lamictal and Tegretol made me walk like I was drunk. Still, my most recent prescriber, a nurse practitioner, ignored my pleas to be taken off of mood stabilizers, as all they did was make me worse and I knew it. She said it was “just labels,” and that she did see “manic behavior” in me. This “manic behavior” was normal functioning as the result of being on an SSRI. I was perfectly rational albeit childish because that’s just in my nature. She said this was mania and cut down my SSRI, leading me to become more self-injurious and suicidal.

I don’t think I’m just paranoid. My parents also think that this hospital has been attempting to improperly and heavily medicate me to keep me in their system and collect more money from my HMO. Until recently I was always on four or so medications at one time - usually including one or two mood stabilizers, an atypical antipsychotic (all of which ended up contributing to tardive dyskenesia that my nurse ignored and continued to swap me around on different atypicals for about a month, despite my fear that if I stayed on them the tardive would become permanent), an SSRI antidepressant and sometimes an anti-Parkinsonian because my side effects were so severe. I was absolutely miserable on these cocktails. More recently I refused them altogether and weaned myself off chemicals with the help of a very low dose of a tricyclic, and now I’m unmedicated and my thoughts are much clearer than they have ever been.

My only problem is that I have severe anxiety that comes on very suddenly, and I’ve been pushing to be put on a benzodiazepine for as-needed basis since July. The last time I was in the hospital I requested one, but they said they’d give me Ativan in the hospital but would not allow me to leave with a prescription because of my “chemical habits.” I smoke cannabis socially and do so to help with my anxiety. If they would prescribe me a benzo, I would no longer need to smoke cannabis. However that’s too much of a problem for them to even consider. During that same hospital stay, a man who went on a week-long benadryl bender that resulted in cognitive damage remarked in group that the doctor had put him on Klonopin.

More recently St. Clare’s kept me in a group program that was making me worse. I cannot function in groups to begin with because I feel like I’m being ignored and helping people more than they’re helping me, and since I’m a fairly new adult I was seated in a room with older adults I could not relate to, who also could not relate to me. I’m the survivor of an abusive relationship and I started to talk about it for the first time in years during group and a man who had been heckling me the entire group told me to “just grow up.” I had a panic attack and vowed to never return to group again because it wasn’t helping, but my clinician guilted me into coming to group for another two months while she conveniently “forgot” to put my referral in for individual counseling for several weeks. During this time, the only therapist I trusted there who I had an established history of working well with and making progress with left the practice, and the dialectical behavioral therapy I was supposed to start attending again was discontinued. I had been begging to leave the group program for months.

I want to bring my situation to justice because I feel like it’s completely immoral, but my parents have been urging me not to. I have no idea what I should do.

TWO shows covering the troubled teen industry this week!

The first is TONIGHT, 12/1, at 8pm:

The second is Saturday night, 12/3, at 8pm EST on Kevin Allan, who has hosted two fantastic shows about the troubled teen industry, is dedicating another show to survivors and the cause. Guests include an all-star line up: Ginger McNulty, Bill Boyles, Jodi Helm-Hobbs, Marcus Morton Chatfield V, Susan Hawthorne Lawrence, Lee Goldman and many survivors who will call in to share their stories.

Check out Kevin Allan’s awesome radio show about OpLiberation!, or download the mp3 for free here:

It is an amazing show, Kevin Allan was sensitive yet appropriately outraged. All of the people that called in were fantastic, they got a great discussion going. It went so well that Kevin spontaneously added a second show that, unfortunately, was not recorded, but he has been fantastic to provide us with the entire first show. Kevin will be doing more shows on in the near future, we will keep everyone posted when we know the details.

Also, if anyone would like to host a radio show about the troubled teen industry, Kevin has generously offered to get OpLiberation set up with our own internet radio show! You wouldn’t need any special equipment, just a Skype account. The details are being worked out, it looks like there will be some flexibility. You could host one show, or a few, or do a weekly series. Email Kevin Allan at if you are interested.


Operation Liberation - A Message From #Anonymous to WWASP #OpLiberation

“Greetings citizens of the world. This, again, is Anonymous. We’ve launched a new campaign, and this time it’s even easier for you to get involved. The name of this campaign is operation liberation. The goal of this operation is to destroy organisations such as W W A S P. These organisations torture, abuse, neglect and brainwash young people in so called “troubled teen camps.” If the teens were not troubled before visiting these evil institutions, they will be afterwards. Anonymous will not stand for child abuse. Awareness of these organisations must rise. We have already caused damage, with one of the hubs taken offline for 8 hours, over 200 prank phone calls made, over 500 spam forms sent to one of the sites and over 100 letters sent in general. We need your help. There are two aims of this operation, to raise awareness of these evil organisations and to destroy them. I have been talking to many of the victims on Twitter, and have put up a Pastebin with all the information about these atrocities. Find m cast underscore on Twitter for more details. Get involved.”

Twitter: @opliberation1 «!/opliberation1))



Image by: @exiledsurfer
For years, teenagers have had to suffer from countless years of torture and brainwashing in so called “troubled  teen camps.” These include camps like Cross Creek in Utah, and Paradise  Cove in Samoa. We will not stand for the abuse against these children,  we will make sure all of the schools, and the sponsors who started these  schools, the WWASP, will suffer consequences for their actions against the civil rights of the youth.
 The parents are persuaded by the camps to send their children into these evil institutions. The camps use excuses such as ‘poor grades, antisocial children and possible drug addiction’ to get them to turn their kids in. This is when the organizations have full control, abusing and neglecting the young people until their will breaks, leaving them unable to fend for themselves. ‘Awareness of this must rise’, more people must know the evils of these places… Or we will lose a generation.
Read More here:  would be really good if we can gather a few people with great interest  in this to run this site as i already have my hands full. -, We will support you all the way and help with  anything we can.Info from: @opliberation1   «!/opliberation1))


Image by: @exiledsurfer

  1. For years, teenagers have had to suffer from countless years of torture and brainwashing in so called “troubled  teen camps.” These include camps like Cross Creek in Utah, and Paradise  Cove in Samoa. We will not stand for the abuse against these children,  we will make sure all of the schools, and the sponsors who started these  schools, the WWASP, will suffer consequences for their actions against the civil rights of the youth.
  2.  The parents are persuaded by the camps to send their children into these evil institutions. The camps use excuses such as ‘poor grades, antisocial children and possible drug addiction’ to get them to turn their kids in. This is when the organizations have full control, abusing and neglecting the young people until their will breaks, leaving them unable to fend for themselves. ‘Awareness of this must rise’, more people must know the evils of these places Or we will lose a generation.

Read More here:
It would be really good if we can gather a few people with great interest in this to run this site as i already have my hands full. -, We will support you all the way and help with anything we can.

Info from:
Twitter: @   «!/opliberation1))

A Former Judge Rotenberg Center Worker Speaks Out

Letter to the Editor: A Former Judge Rotenberg Center Worker Speaks Out

Greg Miller worked for the Rotenberg Center in Canton for three years and speaks about his experience.

September 13, 2011

Warning: Some of the content in this letter may be disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

By Greg Miller

There is so much for me to share about my three years of experience as a staff in Judge Rotenberg Center that I wanted to share them in writing.

Please note that other former JRC teachers and staff and even psychologists have contacted me in the past to tell me that they appreciate my speaking on behalf of the students, and to tell me of legal threats that keep them from speaking out vocally against JRC’s practices.  I can share only my own experiences and opinions.  No doubt JRC has attempted to discredit me and what I have to share.

My Background

I worked for the Judge Rotenberg Center for over three years, between 2003 – 2006.  I worked as a Teacher’s Assistant, and I turned down offers to work at JRC as a classroom teacher because I was too busy with my studies. 

I have a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Lesley University.  I previously taught as a classroom teacher in Watertown Public Schools, Lincoln Public Schools, and Winchester Public Schools.  I worked too many hours as a classroom teacher to be able to also study alternative medical approaches for the treatment of children with learning difficulties and autism, and JRC offered me an opportunity to continue to work with children and youth while putting myself through school with ideal work hours.

The reason why I remained at JRC for three years instead of leaving on my first day of training was that I liked JRC’s commitment to getting students off of psychiatric drugs. Students were arriving at JRC looking very drugged up and in very rough conditions. I was a very dedicated worker and supporter of JRC at the start of my employment. JRC always treated me fairly as an employee.

Then my opinion of JRC started to change significantly to where I felt I needed to leave JRC and to speak out against its practices. I started to get signs of traumatic stress while working at JRC, and my doctor advised me repeatedly that I should leave JRC for my own health reasons. I became more aware of what was actually happening to individual students at JRC that parents were not permitted to see, and I wondered how many parents would actually be supportive of JRC if they saw what was happening to their children as I did.

My Opinion on the Use of JRC Shock Therapy

I believe that electric shocks are harmful not only to the student receiving a shock, but to all other students in the room witnessing the traumatic shock incidences. Electric shocks are not necessary to help JRC’s population of students. I saw much use of electric shocks that I felt were unwarranted to appear in student plans, and it seemed to me that individualized student plans were designed without proper oversight or adequate safeguards to prevent misuse of the shock devices. 

I was having signs of traumatic stress including nightmares, night sweats, and elevated blood pressure, so that my doctor advised me that I needed to leave JRC. So imagine what it is like and what harm is being done to students who are actually on electric shock devices, who are committing no “wrong” behaviors, but who must witness their classmates getting shocked all day long!

I have witnessed the traumatic effects of electric shocks not only on the students receiving shocks, but also on other students in the room witnessing the shock “treatments” even though they have exhibited no behaviors. It was not uncommon to have incidences where I would reach for my pencil in my JRC apron pocket, on which hung the remote controls, to have students crying out and or jumping up, or throwing their task up in the air, and even grabbing me, because they thought I was going to shock them. 

These were all behaviors that would cause students to be shocked depending on the individual student’s plan, so groups of students would all get shocked together, all out of their reaction of fear due to myself or another staff reaching for a pencil in our pockets. If any staff chose not to shock students at such times, we would immediately lose our jobs for “refusing to follow student plans.”

I have participated as required in following student plans to shock multiple students, including when they reacted to watching a fellow classmate tied up in a restraint chair getting attacked by a staffer with a plastic knife (being held) to the student’s throat. This was a judge-approved Clockwork-Orange-type “treatment” for a student who swallowed a small X-Acto knife blade.  A staffer, according to the plan, would run up to the student who had all four limbs tied all day long to a restraint chair, and pretend to force a plastic knife down the student’s mouth while another staff pressed the remote control to give a shock to the student. The staff would repeatedly yell in a gruff voice, “Do you want to swallow a knife?” 

Sometimes a number of students watching this would act out in fear and receive shocks for jumping out of their seat, crying out, or dumping their task in reaction to the violence. I highly doubt that the judge ordered all 40 plus other students in the same classroom to have to watch this violent “treatment” of their classmate with his arms and legs tied to a chair. This took place day after day for weeks, with their classmate unable to defend himself in any kind of way. I felt nauseated just being in the room during those treatments, and I was not one of the humans with electric shock devices strapped to my body, so I could only imagine what the students were going through.

I have witnessed terrible injuries including bloody scabs all over the torso, arms, and legs caused by the electrodes. While I have heard of Dr. Israel previously claiming that the injuries were due to staff not properly rotating electrodes after shocking a student, the reality was that some students exhibited behaviors resulting in up to 30 shocks in a day. Some students stopped their behaviors after receiving their maximum 30 shocks for the day. Most of the shock devices used two electrodes to pass current through a specific distance of human flesh to maximize the amount of pain from the same amount of current.  Two red skin marks from electrodes per shock, times 30 shocks in a day, quickly adds up so that very soon electrodes will be placed over previous marks resulting in bloody scabs.  In these cases, the multiple patches of bloody scabs have nothing to do with staff failing to rotate electrodes after shocking students. Rather it exemplifies that the electric shocks approach were not appropriate for the student, and that other approaches should have been found.

Dr. Israel has previously compared the electric shock devices to bee stings. I vividly remember nearly getting the wind knocked out of me during training at JRC back in 2003 when (I was) permitted to test out the weakest of JRC’s electric shock devices on my own arm. That was no bee sting!

I have worked with a young lady who was so underweight while on electric shock devices that she had a feeding tube sewn into her stomach to feed her when she would not eat enough. Upstairs there was a photo of her on the wall near Dr. Matthew Israel’s office from when she first entered JRC, looking comparatively plump.

I have witnessed a student with autism getting shocked for sitting at his desk with his eyes closed for more than 15 seconds because his mother didn’t like the fact that he closed his eyes. I wondered what it might feel like for me to try to shut my eyes at night to go to sleep after I had been shocked several times during the day for closing my eyes! Initially in his behavioral plan, the student was shocked for closing his eyes while walking down the hallway with the reason that it was “health dangerous” to close one’s eyes while walking down a short carpeted hallway. 

Later, JRC added more and more places where this student would get shocked for closing his eyes. Students with autism characteristically see the world as over-stimulating and overwhelming. I saw a photograph of the student at a young age with his eyes closed while holding up a large fish on a fishing trip. I don’t believe students should be shocked for having autism.

Besides shocking a student for the behavior of “closing eyes” while sitting at one’s desk for more than 15 seconds, or while walking down the hallway, shocking students for reacting to their classmates getting shocked, or shocking a student with all four limbs tied to a restraint chair while a staff violently attacked the student with a plastic knife to teach him a lesson, there were many other behaviors for which students were shocked that felt absolutely wrong to me. Students during my time at JRC were shocked for tearing a paper cup or Kleenex while sitting and watching television during their break, shocked for standing up and raising a hand and asking to go to the bathroom, shocked for pulling apart a loose thread, shocked for going to the bathroom in one’s clothes after signing that they need to use the bathroom for over two hours, shocking a blind, nonverbal girl with cerebral palsy for making a soft moaning sound in an effort to communicate and also shocking her for holding a staff’s hand, to name a few examples of many.

I am still unaware of even one study done that demonstrates that student behaviors remain “changed” after leaving JRC, once off the shock devices.

I was told repeatedly as a staff member at JRC that not only were these student behavior plans permitted by the judge, but some of the plans were ordered by the judge. Looking back, I question what the judge knew. Certainly JRC had a huge lack of oversight and it seemed that there was inadequate protection for the students.

On more than one occasion, I remember arriving to work and being surprised by drastic changes to individual student plans, where many behaviors for which a student would be shocked were eliminated from the student’s plan or else moved to a “minor” category for which the student would not be shocked. I remember being told by a student’s case manager that the behavior plans were changed because the student had an upcoming court date to prepare for. I do not believe that the judges were given the full picture of what they were approving when approving electric shocks on students.

After looking back, and to summarize some of the atrocities I witnessed and participated in while working at JRC, it is difficult for me to understand how I could have done something so cruel to other human beings. No doubt I was operating on misinformation, and misled to believe many of the same arguments that I hear parents arguing today. I truly believed that JRC was the only school that could help this population of students without the use of psychiatric drugs that turned children into zombies and ruined their livers.

Some children, not all, do respond to the threat of pain as long as they are strapped up to electric shock devices. But it is my strong opinion that JRC used electric shocks for many behaviors when other alternatives were available, and to the exclusion of more effective treatments. Psychologists leaving JRC told me that they had other treatments based on real research in established psychological journals that they wanted to use, but they were not allowed to use those other methods because Dr. Israel favored exclusively the use of electric shocks. 

Dr. Israel was out to prove the power of his electric shock devices, and in doing so, somewhere along the line the shock devices must have become more important to him than individual students. It is my opinion, as a former JRC teacher who later worked at another school serving a very similar student population as the JRC students with autism, that NO shocks are necessary to control student behaviors at JRC. 

If I was given the opportunity, I would sincerely apologize to each and every student I shocked at JRC. I certainly applaud Senator Brian A. Joyce and many others who have worked so diligently to end what I consider to be torture. Torture that is allowed and exists only in Canton, Massachusetts.