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When you see a facility claiming to help ‘troubled teens’ you should read that as saying ‘we sell snake oil.’ Here’s why…

Honest therapists would not use the term ‘troubled teen.’ They understand that the situation is far more complex.

Honest therapists acknowledge that it is not the teen that is troubled, but the family system that has difficulty. The parents are as big a part of the problem as the teen, if not bigger. It is more accurately a ‘troubled parent’ problem, not a ‘troubled teen.’ You cannot fix the teen without fixing the parent. In most cases, if you fix the parent, you find that the teen was never broken.

Honest therapists will also acknowledge that most behavioral problems will resolve on their own as the child grows up. The family learns how to alter its relationships as children go through the difficult phase of becoming adults. That transition is often tumultuous.

The ‘troubled teen’ industry knows that the ‘therapy’ they claim to provide is snake oil. The real medicine is time. Most kids will get better without them. But, they also realize that they can make $30,000 to $120,000 or more from warehousing a child while they grow up. And, after time has worked its magic, can take credit for the child’s change in behavior.

Honest therapists recognize that warehousing teens with behavioral problems removes them from the population of kids going through their maturation phase in a normal manner and concentrates them in a cohort of kids who exhibit significant behavioral problems. And, for almost all of those kids, they are confined in very close proximity to kids who have more severe behavioral problems for long periods of time.

The kids are around each other and interact with each other far more than they are with therapists or even staff. The kids learn more from each other than they do from therapists. Unfortunately, when you put kids in a ‘troubled teen’ environment, the things they are learning often are not positive.

When you see a facility claiming to help ‘troubled teens’ you should read that as saying ‘we sell snake oil.’


Makes me rage: kids forced to be guinea pigs for experimental AIDS drugs

The Incarnation Children’s Center uses wards of the state as guinea pigs for experimental AIDS drugs. If a kid refuses meds because the side effects are so horrible, they force it down their little throat with a tube. If the kid refuses the tube too many times, they implant a tube in their belly. These kids often have no one to protect them, many have died during ‘treatment’.

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