Help save the children from abusive homes and schooling, bring the people who control this before the courts to face the punishment they so much deserve.


Fun & exciting lineup for tonight’s OpLiberation show

Tonight’s show will surely be entertaining and touching.

It’s the last of a series of four shows hosted by Marcus Chatfield. His guests include Cyndy Etler, whose amazing book, Straightlings ( is being published right now. She has a sparkling personality, her comments online always make me laugh, plus she is a caring and wonderful person.

Some of you will remember Marcus’ other guest, Chris Poole, from the first show in this series. Chris is both knowledgeable and hysterical; he is returning to share his own creative version of the history of Straight. Although there is nothing funny about it, it’s good to laugh when you can.

Both Chris and Cyndy were in Straight with Marcus. If you don’t know Marcus Chatfield, check out the clip: that features him in the Surviving Straight Inc. movie.


Mon, 2/19, 5-7pm Eastern Time

Listen & chat here: – join us for chat! There are awesome people and great conversation, lots of useful info! You can register, make a temporary name, or stay anonymous.

Or listen on your smartphone:

Don’t miss this powerful show, and if you do, the mp3 will be circulating ASAP!


For info on next week’s show (Sat 2/25, 10pm ET) with Ricky Linder, see:

Coming soon on OpLiberation radio: Jodi Helms-Hobbs of SIA (Survivors of Institutional Abuse). Date and time to be announced.


Thank you to and Kevin Allan for their ongoing donation of weekly airtime to OpLiberation & providing mp3’s of shows.

Upcoming radio shows about institutional brainwashing on ‘troubled’ teens and children

It’s happening! SPREAD THE WORD! Marcus Morton Chatfield V presents a four-part show on brainwashing and the use of coercive thought reform by the troubled teen industry. Check out the video for more info:

Marcus is incredibly knowledgeable and this is sure to be an exciting series.

The dates/times are:

Tues, Feb 2, 12-2pm

Mon, Feb 6, 5-7pm

Mon, Feb 13, 5-7pm

Mon, Feb 20, 5-7pm

You can listen in on (the site has not launched yet, it’s coming)

Thank you Kevin M. Allan, Human Being Broadcasting and OpLiberation for making this happen!

Nationwide radio show exposing the troubled teen industry TONIGHT!

Mark Levine is hosting another radio show dedicated to survivors of institutional abuse tonight, 7-10pm ET (6-9 pm CT, 5-8 pm MT, 4-7 pm PT).

Listen live on; if you have trouble there, try

The show will be permanently housed here:


888-488-MARK or


Please spread the word!


Tips from Mark Levine:

Survivors of CURRENTLY EXISTING programs will be given preference when calling in.

The trick to getting on the air is to call in early in the show and to be willing to be on hold for a long time until I finally get to you. (You hear the show in the telephone while you’re on hold.)


Mark is a fantastic host, he has been incredibly kind and supportive. If you missed his past shows on this subject, here they are:

What’s Worse than Teen-Age Drug Abuse? Drug Programs Abusing Teenagers
September 15, 2011 (Part One)

Abuse of Teenagers in Drug Programs
September 16, 2011 (Part Two)

This Bush Crony Has Blood on His Hands!
November 10, 2005 (Part One)

The Bush Crony Who Tortured American Teens
November 13, 2005 (Part Two)

TWO shows covering the troubled teen industry this week!

The first is TONIGHT, 12/1, at 8pm:

The second is Saturday night, 12/3, at 8pm EST on Kevin Allan, who has hosted two fantastic shows about the troubled teen industry, is dedicating another show to survivors and the cause. Guests include an all-star line up: Ginger McNulty, Bill Boyles, Jodi Helm-Hobbs, Marcus Morton Chatfield V, Susan Hawthorne Lawrence, Lee Goldman and many survivors who will call in to share their stories.

Check out Kevin Allan’s awesome radio show about OpLiberation!, or download the mp3 for free here:

It is an amazing show, Kevin Allan was sensitive yet appropriately outraged. All of the people that called in were fantastic, they got a great discussion going. It went so well that Kevin spontaneously added a second show that, unfortunately, was not recorded, but he has been fantastic to provide us with the entire first show. Kevin will be doing more shows on in the near future, we will keep everyone posted when we know the details.

Also, if anyone would like to host a radio show about the troubled teen industry, Kevin has generously offered to get OpLiberation set up with our own internet radio show! You wouldn’t need any special equipment, just a Skype account. The details are being worked out, it looks like there will be some flexibility. You could host one show, or a few, or do a weekly series. Email Kevin Allan at if you are interested.


Operation Liberation - A Message From #Anonymous to WWASP #OpLiberation

“Greetings citizens of the world. This, again, is Anonymous. We’ve launched a new campaign, and this time it’s even easier for you to get involved. The name of this campaign is operation liberation. The goal of this operation is to destroy organisations such as W W A S P. These organisations torture, abuse, neglect and brainwash young people in so called “troubled teen camps.” If the teens were not troubled before visiting these evil institutions, they will be afterwards. Anonymous will not stand for child abuse. Awareness of these organisations must rise. We have already caused damage, with one of the hubs taken offline for 8 hours, over 200 prank phone calls made, over 500 spam forms sent to one of the sites and over 100 letters sent in general. We need your help. There are two aims of this operation, to raise awareness of these evil organisations and to destroy them. I have been talking to many of the victims on Twitter, and have put up a Pastebin with all the information about these atrocities. Find m cast underscore on Twitter for more details. Get involved.”

Twitter: @opliberation1 «!/opliberation1))


One day out of hundreds at troubled teen program, Straight Inc.

The memory I have from so long ago: she was a small girl with a lot of fight in her, 14 years old at the most but to me she didn’t look a day over 12. She had beautiful dark brown eyes that seemed to look through you all the way to your soul; her hair was brown with wavy curls that fell to the middle of her back.

Standing in a large room that resembled a cafeteria, blue chairs filled up a portion of the room. Boys were seated on one side and girls were on the other. I remember when she was told to stand up by the young man in the front of the room, she did not at first and the girls seated on both sides of her forced her up. Her eyes spoke the words her mouth did not at first. So much sadness and anger filled those eyes. Her eyes searched the room, hands were flying all around, she knew what was coming. As teens were called on, one by one by the young man in the front of the room, all she heard were screams. Their words were taunting her. They were trying to tear her down. Their words: You slut, You whore, Your nothing, Your parents don’t even want you. One by one they tried to tear her apart. They kept screaming, yelling, girls around her were touching her forcing her arms down trying to make her stand straight. Her thoughts in her head were overwhelming. She did not understand. Where am I? What is this place? Please God let me go home. The desire to leave was so strong; you could feel it off of her. The emptiness in side of her was so deep, so alone. She raised her hands to her ears to drown out the teens around her. The young man at the front yells, “put your hands down.” She slowly looks at him with so much hate and says, “no, what do you want from me?” “Why can’t you leave me alone?” Seconds later she is thrown to the floor. 2 girls have grabbed her arms, pulling them behind her back. 2 other girls are holding her legs straight out in front of her and soon she is carried to the back of the large room and placed in a smaller room. The young man from the front of the room has now picked 5 teens boys to replace the girls. The small girl now has one teen boy straddling her with his legs wrapped around her waist, 2 boys are holding each of her legs, and another boy is standing behind the boy straddling her pushing her arms to the ceiling. Executive staff, Ms. Crawford, is now in the room. Ms. Crawford is telling the young girl how worthless she is and how she will see to it that she never leaves this place, this place is called Straight, Inc. Ms. Crawford tells the boys make her scream, make it hurt. The young girl stayed this way, this day, in this position for 7 hours. When she was released from this position her arms fell to the floor she had been sitting on, her legs wouldn’t move. She fell to her side, lying on floor, she couldn’t feel her arms or legs, she couldn’t move. I remember her screams that day. I heard her scream non-stop for about 3 hours and then silence. The silence was chilling. That day the silence was worse then the screams. Her tears fell down her face for hours and then they stopped. The girl found a place, a place inside herself she could go to. She found in this place there was no pain, she found comfort with out pain. From that day no matter what they did she felt no pain. The girl in my memory is me.